Your 15 Best Anonymous Crypto Wallets

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  1. Use a VPN.
  2. Use the Tor browser.
  3. Use the browser in private.
  4. Avoid tracking search engines.
  5. Avoid communication.
  6. Leave no trace on a computer with TAILS.
  7. Use an ad blocker.
  8. Check apps, permissions.

Best Anonymous Crypto Wallet

Trust crypto anonymous wallet.

Bitcoin anonymous crypto wallet.

Exodus wallet.

Enjin wallet.

Coinomi wallet.

Lumi wallet.

Samourai Wallet. (Early Access)

MEW wallet.

MetaMask wallet. (Early Access)

Mycelium wallet.

Token Poket.

BRD anonymous crypto wallet.

OWNR Bitcoin wallet.

Electrum wallet.


Is there a crypto wallet that doesn’t require an ID?

To hold, receive, withdraw, and trade crypto, you don’t need an ID.

How do I buy crypto anonymously?

It is not possible to buy crypto anonymously because you have to transfer money through a payment channel that requires personal details.

What steps are involved in creating an anonymous crypto wallet?

You have to download the wallet and write down the secret code. You don’t have to enter an email address or mobile number.

Can I download an anonymous crypto wallet on my desktop?

Yes, you can download an anonymous crypto wallet to your PC or desktop from their website.

Are anonymous crypto wallets legal?

Yes, it is legal to use, but some countries are prohibiting anonymous transactions.

Can I still trade cryptocurrencies with an anonymous wallet?

Yes, you can still trade cryptocurrencies with an anonymous wallet.

Can I convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies using an anonymous wallet?

Non-crypto wallets are providing selling features. These services may require users to provide personal information for compliance purposes, which could compromise anonymity.

Are anonymous crypto wallets safe?

Yes, it’s safe but it’s crucial to choose a reputable wallet provider and follow security guidelines

How can I ensure maximum anonymity when using a crypto wallet?

You should follow best practices such as using VPNs or Tor browsers and avoiding linking wallet addresses to personal information

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