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Bitcoin Forum: 30+ Crypto Forum To Start Debate

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If you want to talk about bitcoin or crypto stuff or are looking for a person who has the same interest as you, then we are pretty sure you are looking for a bitcoin or crypto forum. If you are still not found, then you are in the right place.

Joining the bitcoin forum can be better than searching for a crypto solution or discussing it on regular social media. You can find many bitcoin forums on the internet, but not all are worth joining because of low user activity. So which one is better? Let’s find out.

What is the bitcoin forum?

In a simple word, a forum is a place or group where people talk or exchange ideas on posted topics or on their own topics to find better solutions. So in Bitcoin’s forum, people exchange ideas related to crypto, investment, trading, earning, and many more.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the bitcoin forum.

✔️You can interact with the same interests peoples.
✔️For the newbie, it is easy to find solutions from different people.
✔️You can find a proper review of a crypto product.
✔️Gets early announcements of new projects.
✔️You can create your own crypto fan base.
Your fan base will attract many companies, so you have a chance to monetize your posts.
The scammer also targets bitcoin forums to scam users, especially newbies.
A little trust could be enough to scam you.
It’s not like regular social media and has a high chance of being banned from a forum if you cause little spam or avoid rules.

Here is a list of popular BTC forums.

1. Bitcointalk crypto forum.

If you know a little about the bitcoin forum, then you have definitely heard about the Bitcointalk forum. The father of Bitcoin, “Satoshi Nakamoto,” created it for the purpose of talking about bitcoin and its marketing, white paper, economy, and many more. It was created by Mr. Nakamoto, but anyone doesn’t know about him, so it is regulated by users (and you) based on their merit level.
It looks like an old and simple website but has great content and users. Not just the BTC forum, you can discuss any altcoin, mining, trading, project development, announcements, marketplaces, and many more, even in your own language.
👦User Activity – 60k+/Month
🤑Earning: YeS
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, Project.

2. Cryptocompare Bitcoin Forum.

This is all in one cryptocurrency forum in a single place. Where other forums need a long word to start a discussion, Cryptocompare just allows chats like Whatsapp and Messenger with numerous users.
The best thing is that it has a different chat section for different coins, exchanges, and wallets. And you can write a review of any coin exchange.
In addition to discussion, you can analyze, track, and find news about your favorite coin.
👦User Activity –  20k+/Month
🤑Earning – No
👥About Discussion –  Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, Project.

3. CryptoTalk forum.

It is similar to BitcoinTalk and has the same features as BitcoinTalk but is less popular than BT and regulated by the owner
👦User Activity – 2k+/Month
🤑Earning: YeS
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Exchange, Wallet.

4. Master of crypto forum.

Masters of Crypto is a one-stop bitcoin forum open to anyone with an eager interest in buying, trading, or simply learning about cryptocurrencies. Everyone has a voice on the forum, whether the individual is a beginner trader or an expert blockchain developer.
The best part of the forum is having relevant and informative user-generated content at your fingertips. What cryptocurrencies are covered on Masters of Crypto? You will mostly find information about various project discussions and coin reviews.
👦User Activity – 7000+/Month
🤑Earning: YeS
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, Defi, ICOs, News.


5. CryptocurrencyTALK forum.

This is the home of the cryptocurrency forum, where you can discuss mining, gambling, economics, and news.
For separate coin discussion, it has a Bitcoin, DASH, and Ethereum forum section. You can also start your own forum club on a particular topic to create your own fanbase.
👦User Activity – 94000+/Month
🤑Earning – Not Confirm
👥About Discussion – Cryptocurrency, News, Economy, Mining, Gambling, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash. 


6. AltcoinsTalks forum.

Another simple-looking bitcoin forum alternative is BitcoinTalk. It is a Russian-based BTC forum, but the discussion is in English.
It has a different ecosystem for different coins, such as BTC, Dash, LTC, XRP, Monero, EOS, and Ethereum.
👦User Activity – 3000+/Month
🤑Earning: YeS
👥About Discussion – News, Economy, Mining, EOS, XRP, LTC, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, New project, ICO, Trading, Market.


7. StackExchange Bitcoin Forum.

Have you ever used Quora? Then you will love this too. It has the same features as Quora, which is a question-and-answer platform for crypto-currency enthusiasts.
👦User Activity – 3000+/Month
🤑Earning – No
👥About Discussion – Anything about cryptocurrency.

8. Forum.bitcoin.com.

A newly launched bitcoin forum owned by Bitcoin.com. It is popular for discussions about MarketPlace, trading, earring, referral links, and altcoins.
👦User Activity – 5000+/Month
🤑Earning – No
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, Project, Marketplace.

9. Bitcoin Forum.

It is the same active forum as “Forum.bitcoin.com,” but associated with the bitcoin.org website.
👦User Activity – 2000+/Month
🤑Earning – No
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, Project, Marketplace.

10. Investing.com Crypto Forum.

It is the same as the Cryptocompare forum, but with more simple features. It has four forum sections, such as the Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum forums. Other features like price trickery, charts, analysis data, and news alerts.
👦User Activity – 5000+/Month
🤑Earning – No
👥About Discussion – Only BTC, XRP, LTC, ETH and it’s related.

11. Bitcoin Garden forum.

A less popular but fast-growing crypto forum is the best place for a newbie to create a crypto fanbase.
👦User Activity – 3000+/Month
🤑Earning: YeS
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, Project.

12. BeerMney forum.

A surprising non-crypto forum that allows talking about cryptocurrency, trading, mining airdrops, wallets, and reviews. Be careful on it; you will see a lot of scammer advertisements.
👦User Activity – 2000+/Month
🤑Earning – Not confirm
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Mining, Trading, Airdrop, Exchange.

13. Bitalk forum.

This is another Russian-based bitcoin forum. In this forum, discussion is only held in the Russian language.
👦User Activity – 10000+/Month
🤑Earning – No
👥About Discussion – Bitcoin, Altcoin, Mining, Trading, and the Project Only in the Russian language.

There are some other popular bitcoin forum lists.

16. Cryptorum.
20. Overclockers forum.
21. Hashgains forum.
24. BitForum.
25. Neva Fomo.
28. CryptoInfo.Net Community Forums.
29. Free Coin Talk forum.
30. The Cryptocurrency Forums.
31. Coinexpansion Forum.
32. Currency Times forum.
33. Litecointalk forum.
34. Dash Forum.
35. BAT community forum. (Brave browser)


You can use Reddit for a discussion about bitcoin and other important things. There are some pages called Subreddit.
1. Bitcoin – This is the main bitcoin subreddit.
2. BitcoinMining Mining: For users who are interested in bitcoin mining
3. BitcoinBeginners – A subreddit for beginners.
4. Ethereum A subreddit dedicated to Ethereum lovers
5. Ripple – For XRP lovers.
6. Cryptocurrency – Discussion about crypto and news.

Telegram chat.

How can someone ignore Telegram when talking about group discussions? Here are some Telegram chat groups.
1. Earning – Discussion about bitcoin earning.
2. Bitcoin chat all about bitcoin, trading, and exchange.
3. Bitcoin – Chat with over 50k+ users.
4. DASH Knights 2.0 – For Dash coin discussion.
You are welcome to join Cryptoswami сhannel.

Decentralized crypto forum.

Let’s move to some decentralized crypto forum that also rewards its users for their activities.
1. TronShare – Users can use it to share, like, and reward any information recorded on Tron.
2. FinneyVote a decentralized democratic forum that rewards persuasive discourse.
3. Quello – Ask and answer questions and earn rewards for your valuable insights and opinions.
4. Peepeth – A decentralized alternative to Twitter.
5. Steemblr Monetize your voice with Steemblr.

Well, we think that’s enough of the list of Bitcoin forums. If you want serious discussion and to earn money from your hard work, then you should join Bitcointalk, CryptoTalk (another paid forum), or a decentralized crypto forum. But if you want to join for fun, then go to the Cryptocompare or Reddit pages.
We will suggest that you join all paying BTC forums so that when you write an excellent post, you can cross-publish it on all forums.
By the way, what do you think about these crypto forums? have you ever joined any BTC forum? If yes, then which and why for fun or serious discussion? ✌

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