Lumi Wallet Review: Is it safe to use?

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If you want to combine the easy and seamless process of buying crypto with the advanced security of reliable client-side storage, Lumi Wallet is your perfect match. In Lumi Wallet, you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash with a few clicks. So with no delay, let’s start the Lumi wallet review.

What is the Lumi wallet?

It is an open software launched in February 2018 based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to exchange their cryptos and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin with a credit card.

How does the Lumi wallet work?

It governs all your activity through Changelly Exchange, including buying and exchanging.

Which coin does the Lumi wallet support?

Lumi wallet supports over 1200 coins, most of which are Ethereum-based, like the ERC20 and ERC721 tokens. Some famous coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai, USDT, BAT, ERC20, Chainlink, Maker, 0x, and more. But most are Ethereum based tokens.

Supporting Countries.

Lumi Wattle supports almost every country that buys cryptocurrencies with a credit card. But like other platforms, because of countries’ privacy and policies, it also has some restricted countries that follow.
If you are from the United States, it does not support the following states at all, as given below. New York (NY) and Connecticut (CT) are currently supported only for the purchase of BTC.
Georgia (GA), 
New Mexico (NM), 
Hawaii (HI), 
Washington (WA), 
Oregon (OR), 
Vermont (VT), 
Florida (FL),  
Alabama (AL).
But also note that FATF high-risk countries are also not supported. All the countries that are on the FATF graylist and blacklist are not supported. Click here to find your country.


How much does Lumi charge for buying crypto?

They have not specified on their website the fee amount during the buying process. The commission depends on the sum of the transaction but cannot be less than $10 (for buying with card). The more you buy, the more economically efficient it gets.

Can you exchange your coin?

Yes, using the Lumi wallet, you can exchange your coins for 1200 coins and tokens. Click here to see all 1200 coins and tokens.

What are Lumi wallet major features?

  • Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Ethereum via bank card.
  • Withdraw Bitcoin to VISA cards (in the Euro area).
  • Crypto to crypto exchange (1200 coins and tokens).
  • Total anonymity: no registration, no data harvesting.
  • High-level security.
  • World-class UX/UI-design.
  • The support that cares 24/7.
  • Lumi Wallet is open-source and free software.
  • Send and receive Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and tokens.
  • Buy BTC or ETH with your card,
  • Recover your wallet by importing a 12-word backup phrase,
  • Show the value of your coins and tokens in both USD and crypto.
  • Show details of all of your ingoing and outgoing transactions.
  • Show BTC, BCH, ETH, EOS, and all supported tokens’ market price graphs,
  • Use your device’s camera to scan addresses via QR codes.
  • Protect your funds with a PIN or touch-face ID.


How do I create an account?

1. Go to the website or download the mobile wallet.
2. Click to create a new account or import an existing account by entering the 12-word phase. (Let’s create a new account.)
3. After clicking, a new page will open, and then you have to enter at least 9-character passwords or pins to access your wallet, and then click download. (This step not required for the mobile wallet.)
4. After the download is complete, your 12-word mnemonic phrase will appear. If not, roll your PC mouse on each word and see; for mobile, go to settings > general >backup wallet and write each word.
5. And now that your account is ready to use, you can add your coins by clicking Manage Wallet.

How do I buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT using a credit card?

1. Login to the wallet.
2. Choose the coin and your currencies.
3. Enter the amount in fiat currencies or in the coin amount you want to buy, and click Pay.
lumi wallet review how to buy bitcoin ethereum stablecoin with credit card
Fee in a red box
4. After that, a new page will open, and you can then enter your standard credit card information, billing address, email, and phone number. Then tap on Pay now.
lumi wallet review how to buy bitcoin ethereum stablecoin with credit card
lumi wallet review how to buy bitcoin ethereum stablecoin with credit card
5. After the successful payment, your selected coin will arrive in your Lumi wallet account. And then exchange it for your favorite coins. You can buy the following coins:.
lumi wallet review how to buy bitcoin ethereum stablecoin with credit card
6. Sometimes the first transaction usually takes a little longer than the following ones. You can enter your payment ID here to check the status of your transaction.
7. You can buy $150 worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USTD, and more without verification.
8. But for purchases over $150, you need to provide your ID. Upload a photo of your ID, fill in your details, including your address, and confirm by clicking on the ‘Upload Document’ button.
You might need to fill in the code from your bank to complete the transaction, and in very rare cases, Simplex may require you to upload a selfie with your credit card.

Last words.

Extremely simple to use.
Multi-cryptocurrencies wallet.
Over 1200 coins and tokens are listed.
Available for all device Android, iPhone, and desktop.
The exchange features are available for over 1200 tokens.
Cryptos are selling features only for European users.
Sometimes it shows trouble due to the governance of Changelly.
No more popular coins are listed than Ethereum-based tokens.
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