New Memecoin $ROCKY Hits $20M Valuation Amid Crypto Backlash

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Three days after its launch, $ROCKY, the latest memecoin to hit the base blockchain, has risen to an astounding $20.6 million market cap in a primarily red market.

New Memecoin: $ROCKY Surprise Surge in Market Cap

MetaWin’s founder, Skel, launched the new memecoin $ROCKY quietly on a Saturday, and it has grown without the advantage of a prior promotion or a pre-sale event. Surprisingly, the internal MetaWin team was ignorant of the launch, only learning about it when it began trending among Arena Discord users. 

Skel quickly organized a task force from MetaWin’s 80-person staff to develop a solid strategy for $ROCKY’s future. The team has made rapid and significant improvements, including partnering with a well-known Hollywood art studio to boost their social media campaigns, integrating $ROCKY into MetaWin’s platform for token-gated competitions, and effectively leveraging their in-house network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

In a daring move on X (previously Twitter), Skel estimated a $100 million market value for $ROCKY and offered to give exit liquidity at a $5 million valuation, causing the token’s price to triple in under ten hours.

“The wider market was downtrending, and $ROCKY was initially part of that slump. I dislike seeing our community disheartened. Although I was undecided about throwing our full support behind the project, at MetaWin, when we commit, we go all in. Seeing the enthusiasm from our community has solidified $ROCKY as MetaWin’s unofficial meme coin, and we are now unified in the vision of reaching a $100 million market cap.”


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