DogeChain Wallet to Shutdown, Withdraw DOGE Before June 1

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DogeChain Wallet has declared it will discontinue operations on June 1, 2024. The website has served visitors for over a decade and began operations in 2013. The site recommended that users move their Dogecoin (DOGE) tokens from its platform to other wallets. recommends that users safeguard their private keys before the deadline for closure. 

DogeChain Wallet Shutdown Notification

DogeChain Wallet Services to Halt

DogeChain, a wallet provider, announced its decision to suspend its service in an email to all registered customers. The project’s website includes a note requesting that users transfer their DOGE tokens to other wallet providers before Dogechain ends operations on June 1

The wallet service has been vital to the meme coin’s ecosystem for over a decade, enabling DOGE storage and transfer. The service has yet to explain its termination. 

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