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Are you a sports lover and always talk about sports on social media? Then this article is for you. We bring you the top 2 best decentralized blockchain-based sports social media to spread your knowledge and story around the world and also earn crypto income for your significant contribution. So without delay, let’s start.

What are the top two best decentralized blockchain-based sports social media platforms?


Scorum is the first and most popular decentralized sports social media and blogging platforms based on blockchain that reward active users. Members of the community get paid in cryptocurrencies for their contributions, such as blog posts, liking, commenting, and uploading photos related to sports. Active users can easily tell their sports stories to fans around the world and earn rewards.

Top 2 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Sports Social Media
Scorum social media.
There are lots of blockchain-based social media and blogging platforms available, but Scorum is a great place for sport-related blogging content. It offers rewards to both content creators and curators (readers). It also offers zero-fee fantasy sports, advertisements, and commission-free betting.
Who can join Scorum? Anyone who is addicted to sports and wants to share their ideas and create their own fanbase? Almost everyone has at least one favorite sports or eSports game, and you. You can choose any topic that can gain community attention, and you can write about it. But you think you cannot write a big blog or article and just want to read and earn rewards. The most relevant thought in the article comment box is that if your comment gets some likes, they will reward you.
Top 2 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Sports Social Media
Scorum betting platform.



Ways to earn rewards on Scorum.

  • Blogging. Publish high-quality content in the community and get rewards based on the rewards pool.
  • Voting. Buy Scorum voting power, vote, or like your favorite topic, and share 50-50 rewards between the creator and curator (you).
  • Commenting. Share your thoughts in the comment section and get some rewards. This is the easiest way to earn rewards with no work or investment.
  • Buy coin. Invest in Scorum coins and sell when the price goes high.
  • Betting. Take part in the ScorumBet platform to earn a lot of rewards.

Create an account.

  1. Click on Get Started to create an account.
  2. Enter your valid email address.
  3. Open the email and click to verify.
  4. After that, fill all boxes and store your password in a safe place.
  5. Login and post your first introduction or blog.

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 Scorum Blog,   Betting Platform,   Wallet.


This is a new sport, social media, or blogging platform based on the Steem blockchain that rewards its active users. The feature of SportsTalk is the same as on Steemit.com, but the topic is only sports-related. You cannot create an account directly; you have to create the account on Steemit.com.

Top 2 Best decentralized Blockchain Based Sports Social Media
SportsTalk uses social media.

Create an account.

  1. Click on Sign Up or Login if you already have a Steemit account.
  2. Fill in the email and username and click continue.
  3. They will send you a password after verification.
  4. Login to SportsTalk and post your first blog.

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 Steemit.com,   SportsTalk.Social,

What do you think about these decentralized blockchain-based sports social media? If you know of any other decentralized sports social media, tell us in the comment box.

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