Pay With Bitcoin: Know Everything

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What is Bitcoin?

Advantages of paying with Bitcoin.

Disadvantages of paying with Bitcoin.

High Price Volatility.

How to use Bitcoin?

How to pay with Bitcoin Online?

To pay bitcoin with Coinbase.

  • Go to the website or open a Coinbase wallet.
  • Click on the Bitcoin logo or withdrawal button and enter then enter the amount.
  • After that, enter the amount, bitcoin address, or scan QR code and click confirm.

To pay bitcoin with BitPay.

  • Open the BitPay wallet and select currency Bitcoin.
  • Click on pay and then enter the amount.
  • Click ok and scan the QR code or enter the wallet address and then confirm the button.

How to receive Bitcoin in your wallet?

  • Open your wallet.
  • Choose the currency, bitcoin and tap on it or click the receive button.
  • Copy the address and send it to the sender, or let them scan your QR code for your wallet.
  • And that’s it; your bitcoin will arrive in a second. If the sender did it properly.

pay with bitcoin
Bitcoin QR code

Where to buy bitcoin.

With Credit or Debit card.

With Bank account transfer.

With a PayPal account.

With PayTM.

Wallet to pay and receive bitcoin.

How to secure your wallet?

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