New Memecoin Sealana Presale Raises $100,000 on Launch Day

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Sealana, a new Solana memecoin, has entered the market and raised more than $100,000 on its first day at 

Following a long line of 9–10 figure market cap Solana memecoins, the new seal-themed phenomenon is hungry for a piece of the pie. Indeed, it aims to become the ecosystem’s next great endeavor.

Its presale is still underway, but with over $100,000 already raised and no predetermined hard ceiling, anyone wishing to secure their tokens should immediately start.

Sealana Makes New Wave in Solana Blockchain

For those who are unaware, Slerf is an infamous Solana memecoin. Furthermore, it endured the most contentious presale of this market cycle. 

After raising $10 million, a mistake sent shockwaves through the market. The developers mistakenly burned the entire presale supply, leaving presale investors without tokens. 

However, contrarian degeners regarded this as a fantastic purchasing opportunity. Notably, a significant chunk of the entire supply is no longer available. 

As a result, Slerf’s on-chain trade volume exceeded $1.7 billion in its first few hours. This allowed it to outperform Ethereum and gain coverage in Bloomberg.

The project is now well-established, and after some revival efforts, many presale investors are receiving compensation for their losses.

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